As demand for hair extensions increases so do the number of different attachment techniques. So please choose wisely according to hair type. The Micro Ring, plaits, weft/weave  and U-tip Keratin hair extensions are a few of the safest ways to attach hair extensions  if not applied professionally. Hair Extensions adds length, volume and should look as natural as possible and should be maintained well so there is no matting at the roots, which may cause trauma and hair loss.


One of the leading brands in hair extensions it is 100% natural human hair in over 55 colours, which has been ethically sourced. The beauty with Great lengths hair extensions are that it is double drawn, Remi hair and is pre-bonded using a protein polymer(synthetic) Keratin which  replicates the molecular structure of keratin which is found in human hair and skin.  If looked after, your hair extensions will maintain a glossy, tangle free and radiant look. You could have as little as 25 bonds in your hair to 150 bonds for thickness, length and style in any colour you require. Then when you no longer require extensions they are easily removed by your stylist.

GL- APPS & easi-tape is tape in application service, they are fun and easy to wear. The benefits are; a lesser application process but instantly enhances volume and length, using the same quality of 100% human hair which can be reapplied after 2 months.

EASILOCKS –easi-itip

The use of micro co-tube locks & the highest grade of hair quality is used. No Heat, glue, sewing , braiding or damage, just like Great lengths easy can be worn  2-5 months at a time, however Easilocks are re-useable.


Can be applied by braiding your natural hair first of just applying the micro bonds to attach the weft. It is double or single drawn weft which is the same length from root to tip, creating a smooth natural finish.